Inspiration before the storm!





View from Halifax Central Library, NS.                 A cathedral of a library! 


Feb 9/17

At Halifax Central Library, hoping to find inspiration to write a poem… and look what I found!







Wander up to the 4th floor Reference Section and check out Poet’s Market 2017, hot off the press. Found some classic books, too. Canadian Writer’s Market 2013 with lots of info on markets for your writing (check out the publications’ current issues and website so you have the latest info on what they’re looking for. They may even pay.) The Canadian Writer’s Guide 13th Edition is a little geriatric, having been published in ‘03, but it contains “Inspiration”, and “Poetry & Lyrics” chapters and that makes me happy. See, I did find inspiration!

Think I’ll wander down the road and buy a literary journal at Atlantic News. Found out about it in Poet’s Market 2017. It sort of sounded up my alley and I may even submit some poems to it.

Then I think I’ll take the big step up Spring Garden Rd. to the lovely independent, Bookmark Bookstore, and order a copy of Poet’s Market 2017. A bit pricey, but hay, may make my investment back.

Better sign off, they just announced that the Library will close at 5 due to a storm rolling in. The good news is that shoveling snow is often when a great line comes to mind.

Happy inspirations and exertions.

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