What are the Hairy Melon Tales?


Most things interest me. I am a very curious being. So what I’ll write about will be varied. I’ll do a lot of reflecting and connecting – telling you what I’m musing about, and interesting people and projects I’ve discovered. The main topics will be my writing, the arts, as well as such stuff as family,  friends,  food. and farming. We’ll travel from local to global. I feel very passionate about all things food-related because of my childhood love of our family farm that resulted in my involvement with food justice and food sovereignty issues.

I’m looking forward to telling you about my friends in West Bengal, India and the wonderful food-related (and other things!) they are doing.

I also want to share my writing projects – those that I’ve achieved, those that are under construction, and those inspirations waiting to hatch! Under the achieved category (Yay!) is my story, “Raising Nellie” in the anthology In the Company of Animals: Stories of Extraordinary Encounters, my poetry chapbook My Farm Whispers, and 5 annual issues of my little poetry project, Open Heart Farming – a wonderful smorgasbord of food and farming poems by Nova Scotian poets. Sit tight, because you are going to see the process of putting Open Heart Farming 2017 together,  right here on my blog, from germination to harvest! Conveniently coinciding with Canada’s 150th birthday.